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Sunday, December 5, 2010
FIREMAN Ed Bootcamp + Recovery Yoga is Back!


SUNDAY DECEMBER 5th: 12:30 - 2PM 

You'll have fun, sweat, and leave refreshed. Get worked-out by our very own NYC Fireman boot camp style, and then wind down with 30 minutes of Recovery Yoga. 

Bootcamp Fitness with Fireman Ed Dowling This class is focused on high intensity interval training through the use of basic strength and conditioning moves that use your own bodyweight. No weights or apparatus necessary. Ed will take you through 60 minutes of training that combine a series of the most effective exercises designed to melt fat, increase your heart rate, and strengthen your muscles. This course is open to all levels of fitness and requires no previous training. Be prepared to sweat! 

Recovery Yoga with Tara Stiles 1:30 - 2PM A Highly restorative, gentle yoga class that will be everything your body and mind are asking for after Fireman Ed is finished with you. Be prepared to RELAX! 

RSVP here or in person at Strala $25 on-line / $20 in person at Strala