Practical Yoga Training with Tara Stiles 
1 month, April 2011

Practicing yoga authentically carves out a healthy, fit body and mind, removing psychological and physical blocks that hold you back.  It also puts you in direct contact with your intuition, individuality, creativity, and highest potential.  Everything is there for you, it's up to you to practice.

Registration is now OPEN for the April, 2011 Program.

What's in the program

Doing Yoga.  You can't teach what you don't know and can't do.  A clear psychology and healthy body form a needed foundation for helping others build health and happiness in their own lives.  Strala's program puts a strong emphasis on developing your own practical abilities, through direct work with all aspects of yoga, including strength, flexibility, balance, focus, awareness, breath, and movement.

Communication and Reach.  How we talk about yoga is important, and our training includes discussion of yoga history, philosophy, and direct experience.  Communicating yoga is part of how you represent yourself, and how effectively you can ease others into practice.  Strala has a social blogging platform (both on Facebook and at where you can share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences on teaching, practicing, living, and more.  You'll be assigned blogging topics and create some on your own.

You will be blogging at the Strala network (or your personal blog) for the month, and encouraged to start early and keep it up.  Sharing your blogs on Facebook, Twitter, etc. is encouraged.  We want to bring out you in your yoga and teaching.  

Research.  Reading and movie lists are assigned.

Teaching.  We'll cover topics that include sequencing, tone, presentation, safety, adjustments, and healing, along with how to address the needs of specific groups.  You'll learn the standard Strala Strong and Relaxed sequences as a skeleton, as well as how to bring in your own personality and flavor.  

What you'll be doing

One month of yoga classes at Strala.  We suggest attending at least 4 classes per week, and you are welcome to as many as you like. 

Weekend workshops, 1:30 to 4pm both days.  On practicing and teaching, with Tara and Mike.  Four weekends, beginning April 2
(April 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, and 23-24).

Teaching.  Lead classes at Strala, at Strala's discretion.

Certification (Strala, YTA).  Strala provides an accomplishment-based certification.  The program is designed by Deepak Chopra's personal instructor, Tara Stiles, and approved by Yoga Grand Master Tao Porchon-Lynch (YTA).  Graduates are posted on Strala's training site.

Cost.  $1,500 in advance (by March 1), $2,000 at start.

Is this for me?  Through a strong focus on practicing, communicating, and leading yoga, Strala's training recreates the direct experiential conditions within which yoga was originally designed.  Whether you plan on teaching or just want to deepen your own yoga, this training is a great opportunity for connecting with your self, finding your own style, and developing your own way of communicating and leading.

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