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Saturday, November 6, 2010
Gourmet Ayurvedic Brunch and Farmers Market Tour

Saturday, Nov 6, 2010

11am - 2pm

Gourmet Ayurvedic Brunch and Farmers Market Tour

RSVP in advance.  Only 12 spots available.  

Meet at the corner of Union Square West and W 15th st near the Coffee Shop at 11am.

Register Here:  $50 (includes brunch)



Join Nadya Andreeva for a deliciously healthy brunch surely to satisfy your taste buds!  You'll be guided on a fun filled farmers market tour that will turn any casual cook into a savvy farmers market expert who can prepare the most tantalizing wholesome treats for any occasion. After the farmer's market, we'll head to Bhojan for an ayurvedic gourmet meal. Lean to stay balanced during the fall and winter season, which can lead to dry skin and hair, brittle nails, sluggish digestion, bloating, and anxiety if one is not aware of Vata-balancing techniques. Nadya will show you how to choose and prepare fresh foods that keep your radiantly healthy and full of energy throughout all of the seasons.



Nadya is a yoga instructor and a health writer in NYC. Originally from Orenburg, Russia, Nadya grwe up in a family of doctors surrounded by ideas of health. At the age of 12 she started practicing Hatha yoga under the guidance of her father. Nadya studied philosophy of Vedanta and Yoga with Yug Purush Swami Parmananji Maharaj. She spent several months traveling and living in India to deepen her understanding of ancient traditions of yoga, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurveda. Nadya also studied yoga therapy with Vladimir Boiko in Russia and received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher's Certification in NYC. Pursuing her interest in Ayurveda, Nadya studied with Dr. Vassant Lad Vaidya Vasudha. She maintains a blog on Ayurveda and Yoga.  Her articles on health and ayurveda have been published at MindBodyGreen and YogaCity.  Nadya's blog is RealYogaNYC.


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Bhojan.  Voted among the top 10 Vegetarian restaurants in NYC by Village Voice, is a Kosher Vegetarian restaurant serving fresh, healthy and satisfying meals. Founded by Swami Sivananda's disciple Shiva Natarajan, Bhojan is the only restaurant in NYC where you can taste an authentic ashram-style vegetarian meals. Bhojan in Hindi translates to a simple, delicious and home-style meal that is hearty and satisfying.  

Bhojan is at 102 Lexington Street (at 27th street)